Lift Kit Installation

Lift Kit

Benefits of a Lift Kit Installation

Are you thinking about installing a lift kit into your vehicle? Upon installation, there are many benefits that come with it. In order to get the most of these perks, ultimately, you should get your lift kit professionally installed. Tire’s Home is the place to do so! Our technicians have extensive experience in the process of equipping a lift kit into your vehicle. That way, you can enjoy all of the aspects that come with it, including:

  • Visibility. As your truck goes higher above the ground, then your visibility increases as well. Once lifted, you have the power to see things on the road you were not able to before.
  • Protecting the lower body. Are you someone who spends a lot of time on rough, unfinished roads? If you answered yes to this question, then it is time to get a lift. A lift kit leaves the body of your car further above the ground, in return, leaving it less susceptible to lower body car damage. 
  • Tires. When it comes to tires, a lift kit can increase tire clearance and at times their size. Both of these increases help your vehicle when you are off-roading. Not only that, just as important is that your truck’s handling is improved by this as well. Just make sure to adjust your driving accordingly.
  • Cosmetically pleasing. Getting any car lifted changes the look of it. This is almost 100% of the time a positive change. Lift kits make vehicles, leaving those you drive by something to admire. When choosing a lift kit for the sole purpose of appearance, ensure that it is not going to change the comfort, durability, and other factors in your vehicle.

Types of Lift Kits

Lift kits fall into three categories. Depending on the reasons for wanting a lift kit, one of these will better fit your needs. With the help of our considerable-sized inventory, Tire’s Home will help you find the lift kit that best fits your needs. The types of lift kits are as follows:

  • Body lift kit. These kits are if you are looking for comfort. A body lift kit doesn’t create any more ground clearance, and the suspension stays the same. This lift does not change the handling of your truck. The increased clearance that body lift kits yield does mean that your truck can fit bigger tires. 
  • Suspension lift kits. This lift kit completely changes your suspension and will also raise your chassis. By equipping this lift kit, the clearance on your vehicle increases. This is an incomparable choice if you do a lot of activities with your truck off-road.
  • Leveling kits. When you are looking to change the style, leveling kits are the way to go. They level out your vehicle’s stance. Besides style, subsequently, this lift kit is the one for people who cargo large loads.

Tire’s Home Is Your Lift Kit Home

As we are the largest tire shop in Texas and provide our customers with the largest inventory in the world, we will always have what you need. From rims to lift kits, we possess some of the best brands in the business. Once you find what you need, if installation is needed, you can then enjoy access to our VIP waiting room. You can indulge yourself in some of the best entertainment. Tire’s Home reimagines the traditional tire shop experience. For more information on Tire’s Home and lift kits, call our Dallas location at (855) 548-4737. Lift kits make your truck higher, so always use Tire’s Home to acquire.