Wheel Installation

Wheel and tire installation
You finally found the perfect tire for your vehicle! With help from America’s largest inventory, Tire’s Home has an array of tires to choose from when it comes to wheel installation. Imagine all the memories you will have on this brand new set of tires, and think of all the roads you will travel. To begin this process, you must first purchase your new tires. Then, wheel installation is the next step. Fortunately, Tire’s Home offers wheel installation on the premises. As soon as the tires are chosen, subsequently, we can start the installation process so you can get out onto the road as soon as possible! Wheel Installation Process
Tire’s Home follows a similar process when installing wheels. Nevertheless, this changes depending on the type of tire, the size, etc. Our employees are professionals of the field, and prioritize your safety above all else. On average, the installation process will take around 45 minutes to an hour. During this time, our employees pay attention to every detail of the process. Here are some of the focuses throughout the process
  • Inspection. Tire’s Home employees know how to both inspect and install tires. An inspection is significant to ensure that we catch any possible damage from your old tires, and more!
  • Lug and bolt patterns. There is a different pattern for tightening bolts, and it’s dependent on how many are on the tire. Our professionals have these patterns memorized after years of experience. 
  • Balancing. Before driving off with your new tires, our technicians will make sure all of them are balanced. Unbalancing can occur when driving, so we ensure customer satisfaction by checking before you drive off with your new set of wheels. 

Why Wheel Installation Is Important

Having wheel installation be a do-it-yourself project can become a hassle very quickly. This task can be tedious and difficult. There are many steps, and no hoops can be jumped through. It’s important to recognize the benefits a professional service will have, including:

  • Saving time. When you decide to install 4 brand-new tires yourself, it will take longer than if a professional service were to do it for you. Not only will you be saving time, but also labor when you seek professional help. 
  • Skipping steps. Skipping steps is inevitably going to occur without the knowledge a professional has. This process only gets easier with the more experience you have doing it, and our professionals have been installing wheels for years. Tire’s Home will follow every step until the completion of the job. 
  • Better tools. The tools we have will make the task seamless. Our tools have the power to give you a better feel on the road, as well as a longer-lasting tire.
  • Safety. It’s important to note that when installing tires yourself, if not done correctly, you have the ability to put yourself and others on the road at risk. We want to avoid any accident by installing the wheels for you.

Contact Tires Home for Wheel Installation in Dallas, TX

At Tire’s Home, we are the biggest tire shop in Texas, with the largest tire inventory across the nation. We provide a unique experience when shopping for tires, alongside working with the best brands. From choosing a tire to getting them installed, we provide you with a fun and affordable experience. Contact us with any questions you may have about our tire shopping process. Don’t let the situation become dire, let Tire’s Home help you find, and install the perfect set of tires.