Bed Liners


When it comes to your truck you want nothing but the best, and bed liners are no exception. Officially created in 1972, bed liners are used to protect the bed of your truck, no matter what you may have to throw in there. Choosing the right bed liner for you can be difficult, but at Tire’s Home, we offer only the best TOFF spray-on bed liners, trusted by thousands of dealerships for their high quality. With over 30 years of experience, you know you are getting the best with TOFF. 

Our TOFF Spray-On Bed Liners

When beginning to shop for a bed liner, make sure you know what you want the bed liner to do. Tire’s Home offers only the best and most durable of them all, the TOFF Spray-on bed liner. Spray-on liners are the most versatile option on the market and will fit any truck because they are completely customizable. If you are transporting liquids such as paint or chemicals, or anything with the risk of making a mess, this is the bed liner for you. Nothing will seep through this liner, ensuring no damage to your truck. It is also the most stylish and durable liner of them all.

Other Types of Bed Liners

We only carry the best, but if you're interested in the other types of bed liners out there, check out these varieties:  

  • Drop-in bed liner. Typically the choice for those in construction. This bed liner specializes in preventing damage when transporting loose materials. It can be removed. This option is inexpensive compared to others, but does not last as long.
  • Bedrug bed liner. The bed rug liner is customized to your vehicle while being comfortable and soft. They are easy to remove and clean and are a good choice for people transporting more fragile items. If you are looking to transport more heavy duty gear, this might not be the best choice for you.
  • Bed mat bed liner. Made out of recycled rubber, the bed mat bed liner is the right choice if you are on a budget. Averaging at $100, this bed liner is typically the least expensive kind. Generally, these bed liners will protect the floor of your truck but not the sides. They do not usually last too long or protect as well as other liners do.


Why Tire’s Home for Truck Bed Liners?

Tire’s Home is proud to be the largest tire store in Texas with the biggest retail stock in America. Since our start, we have had the goal to reimagine the traditional experience of upgrading your vehicle. From choosing the right product for you to taking care of install, our employees and technicians ensure that you will leave satisfied. We know waiting for your car to be done isn’t fun, but with our VIP waiting areas, the wait is increasingly comfortable. If your truck needs a bed liner, make it an enjoyable and affordable experience by choosing Tire’s Home. 

Contact Tires Home for Bed Liners in Dallas, Texas

From construction to paint spilling, you do not want to risk any damage to your truck from not having the proper bed liner. At Tire’s Home, we have the ability to properly install your TOFF spray-on bed liner while creating an enjoyable experience. Ride home knowing that your truck is safe from whatever you may throw into it. For more information on bed liners, or any questions, call us at (855) 548-4737.