Leveling Kits

Leveling Kit

Leveling kits open up more opportunities on your truck. As a type of suspension lift kit, this kit is used to raise the front of a vehicle a couple of inches. This particular lift kit provides not only a stylish look but also support when carrying heavy cargo as well as improves the stance of said vehicle. Even with there being two other kinds of lift kits on the market, leveling kits are the most popular. It goes without saying that choosing the right leveling kit brand is of the utmost importance. Luckily, at Tire’s Home, we have many different leveling kits to choose from. Our technicians also will professionally install your kit, therefore, saving you from a possible accident or injury. Whether it’s for carrying heavy loads or wanting your truck to look trendy, Tire’s Home is the place to go. 

Benefits of a Professional Installation

To avoid any problems, you should have a professional install the leveling kit into your vehicle. At Tire’s Home, our technicians will provide you with on-site installments while you wait in our VIP waiting room. This process occurs while you enjoy the best entertainment. We assist you in every step, from choosing a leveling kit to having your kit equipped. Besides the benefits of choosing Tire’s Home, the other benefits you get with a professional are: 

  • Safety. Any type of work with cars that are done on your own involves risk. With trained professionals doing your leveling kit, there is less risk of an accident occurring from it. Leaving you, your passengers, and those you share the road with safer. 
  • No missed steps. Usually, when adding a leveling kit to your vehicle, other things need to be tweaked. When you do it yourself, these steps are oftentimes missed. Technicians have experience in installing these kits, so they know what needs to be adjusted in your vehicle. Without these adjustments, accidents and damage to the vehicle can occur.
  • Injuries. Technicians have been professionally trained in every step of the leveling kit process. The odds of you having the same training is low. You will be dealing with new tools and steps that you are not used to. If something slips, or a step is done wrong, serious injuries can occur.
  • Time and effort. Why not take less time having someone else do this for you? While we do all the manual labor, you get to relax in Tire’s Home’s state-of-the-art waiting room.

Why Tire’s Home?

Located in Dallas, Texas, Tire’s Home is a tire shop unlike any other. We pride ourselves on being different compared to traditional tire shops. Our difference is fully to benefit you, our customers. It goes without saying that our goal is to leave you impressed with every aspect of our work. Along with this, Tire’s Home has:

  • The largest tire shop in Texas.
  • The largest tire retail stock in all of America, including some of the biggest brands.
  • The most up-to-date technology, leaving you with the best results and prices.
  • Highly trained, professional technicians with vast knowledge of the industry.
  • Specialists in tires, wheels, bed Liners, alignments, lift kits, balancing, and so much more.
  • 1,000 different tire sizes.

Leveling Kits in Dallas, Texas

Look no further than Tire’s Home for all your leveling kit needs. Whether you need to pick one out, install one into your vehicle, or select a bigger tire now that you have the ability. Tire’s Home specializes in not just leveling kits, but all kinds of lift kits. If you have any more questions about leveling kits for your car/truck, contact us at (855) 548-4737. Always look at Tire’s Home for your vehicle’s leveling.