Did you know that wheels do not exist in nature? All automobile wheels on the market today are man-made creations that the industry has worked hard to perfect over decades. There is no doubt that these wheels are an integral part of your vehicle. In order for your car to function properly, you need durable wheels. At Tire’s Home, we are proud to carry the biggest stock of TIS wheels in Texas and one of the largest showrooms in the United States. Our professionals would be happy to discuss with you the wide range of options you have available to you at Tire’s Home when it comes to wheels. 

What Is a Wheel? 

A wheel is defined as the hard material, circular component that turns the axle of the entire tire. It is connected by spokes to a hub. This essentially means that the wheel is the rim inside of the tire while the tire is the outer rubber portion. 

The Importance of Quality Wheels

Wheels have two main functions. The first is to reduce friction, making it easier for the vehicle to stop and start when the driver needs it to. The second function is to provide leverage and make sure that the vehicle can continue to move with the body of the car lifted off the ground. Quality wheels are therefore essential to the function of a car, and finding the perfect pair of wheels suitable for your vehicle’s size, make, and model is imperative. 

Wheel Brands We Carry

At Tire’s Home, we carry a variety of popular wheel brands including but not limited to: 

  • TIS
  • Xtreme Mudder
  • Raceline
  • American Force

We’ll Help You Stay Safe on the Road 

If you are looking for a knowledgeable tire and wheel specialist in the Dallas, TX area, trust Tire’s Home. We are proud to have one of the largest wheel facilities in the country. Our staff members are passionate about helping you choose the right wheels for your vehicle. To learn more about the wheels we have in stock, give us a call or come and see for yourself at our store! We can’t wait to see you.