Car Tires

Did you know that your tires should be replaced every six years at the very latest? Do you remember the last time that you got all four of your tires replaced? At Tire’s Home, we understand that your tires are an integral part of your vehicle as a whole, and in order for the vehicle to function properly, you need operable wheels and tires. Our professionals work hard to find out what works best for your vehicle on your budget. 

Types of Car Wheels

From wheels for your sports car to wheels for muscle cars and everything in between, Tire’s Home carries a wide selection of wheels for different types of cars. A few types of wheels that you may learn about when you visit our facility include: 

  • Steel wheels. These wheels are one of the most basic types of wheels in the automotive industry, and used to be a standard before alloy wheels came along. They are known for their strength.
  • Alloy wheels. This type of wheel is a cheaper and lighter alternative to steel wheels. It is the most common type of wheel used on vehicles today. 
  • Forged wheels. Forged wheels are produced by simply forging a piece of aluminum into the proper shape and size of wheel rims. 
  • Chrome wheels. Chrome wheels enhance the visual appeal of a vehicle due to the shiny, trendy appearance.  
  • Multi-piece wheels. This includes both two-piece wheels and three-piece wheels. They now possess almost the same amount of strength as the popular single-piece variants in the market today. 

The Benefits of a Full Tire Replacement 

Oftentimes, when a vehicle owner pops a tire or has a flat, they begin to think about only getting that individual tire replaced. However, according to the Tire Industry Association, you should always replace all four of your vehicle’s tires at the same time. This is because:

  • This will help so that there’s balanced traction across all four tires. 
  • The decreased diameter of the older tires can cause them to spin faster than the new one, decreasing functionality. 
  • Replacing all four increases safety as opposed to just replacing one. 

Wheel Be There for You 

Tire’s Home prioritizes the customer experience and believes that when you walk into our facility, service should be more eventful than just a transaction. We make sure to help our clients choose the best tires possible for their vehicle, so that they can be confident and excited about their new car tires. To learn more about the types of car wheels we carry or our tire brands, contact our facility or come and visit us today!